Video Craftsman is now offering services to actors in need of taped auditions or demo reel editing.  More and more often, casting directors are looking for self taped auditions as an alternative to an in person meeting, but actors don't always have the equipment or the knowledge to make a tape that is going to put their performance in the best light.

Video Craftsman is a professional video production company with offices in the heart of Gastown. We provide HD videography with professional lighting and sound. We can also provide you with an off camera scene partner if you need someone to read with. We pride ourselves on being fast and accommodating. Time is often a factor so we make ourselves avalable for same day bookings and fast turnaround on delivery.

Don't let bad video or audio quality stand in the way of getting the part. Give us a call and book a taping session today.

  • Audition Filming:  $1 / 1 minute (minimum 15 minute booking. Includes edit and upload)

  • Demo Editing: $20 / scene or clip to be incorporated into reel.



Matthew Smalley
I’ve tried taping auditions myself on a webcam or on my phone and they never turn out great. Working with Video Craftsman to film my audition was a real pleasure. Their Gastown office is easy to get to and the atmosphere is casual and friendly. They took their time with me and I didn’t feel rushed. The guy they had on staff who read with me did an excellent job of understanding the material. He provided a thoughtful and informed read that left the focus on my performance. Video Craftsman provided me with a last minute booking and a super fast turnaround. They were able to deliver the footage in any format. I opted to have them send me a dropbox link that I was then able to just copy and paste. I would highly recommend Video Craftsman as a hassle free way to get your audition on tape.
— Matthew Smalley